Managed Service Outsourcing Back Onto American Soil

Salvus Data Consultants would like to bring your outsourcing back onto American soil.

We have talked with many customers who are not satisfied with their out sourcing agreements. Yet – they hesitate to “in source” as that draws their focus from their core business.

At Salvus Data Consultants we feel your pain – and are here to solve it…

There is a growing trend of companies opening U.S.-based facilities to perform the work once done in foreign countries. The term used to describe a company moving services from a foreign country to the United States is “reshoring”; or “insourcing” if they never had a U.S facility before. IT departments of U.S. companies are actively watching this trend.  Read our Blog Post called EXPLORE THE ADVANTAGES IT DEPARTMENTS GAIN FROM THE RESHORING TREND to learn more.

Our engineers have been in US data centers and understand your business requirements, demands, and issues. There are IT service providers that have never considered moving their services offshore. Salvus Data, a Data Backup MSP specializing in TSM, is an example of a U.S. company in that category. The Salvus Cloud Management Model provides its customers access to a U.S. based D.O.D cleared team that manages business critical backup solutions.

Contact us and let’s talk.