Service Plans

Let Salvus Data manage your TSM Backup processes for you.

Free up your time to focus on your core business instead of spending hours each day looking at logs and emails trying to figure out what has gone wrong. Release a storage administrator from the endless cycle of repeating the same tasks over and over again.

Salvus focuses only on IBM’s TSM backup environments, providing you the avenue to resolve both your tactical and strategic backup solutions. The benefits to our unique service and offerings:

  • Permits you to focus on your core business, while we address your immediate performance issues on your TSM server and clients.
  • Our unique service provides a proactive approach to your backup and recovery:
    1. Fixing it (tactical repairs)
    2. Monitoring your backup solution (discovery).
    3. Tuning the backup environment (proactive)
    4. Planning your long term backup solution (strategic).
  • Salvus maintains your system and keeps it updated within IBM’s support matrix.
  • Salvus architects (and deploys) your future state TSM architecture base on collected metrics and service agreements established in your environment.


Your program can include one or all of the following:

  • Reporting and monitoring system for your Tivoli backup system.
  • Salvus engineers looking at your reports and interfacing with your administration team.
  • Provide a nearly hands-off backup solution. We monitor and maintain the solution as if we were the backup and recovery division to your organization.
  • On site management handling tapes, off-site vaulting. The platinum offering is a fully customizable service, we can provide services such as performance tuning, architectural review and design, backup and recovery benchmarking and hardware/software updates to your backup environment.

Salvus Data Consultants will:

  • Monitor and collect data 24 hours a day.
  • Automatically display the health of your TSM environment.
  • Continually discover problems and address these issues for you.
  • Reduce risks and improve service levels in your backup and recovery environment.
  • Help you to plan workload schedules according to your requirements and priorities.
  • Enable collaboration of problem resolution across teams.
  • Provide a graphical view of events in your TSM environment.
  • Automatically generate easy to use reports of key performance and capacity metrics.
  • Document metrics for budgetary planning of network, disk, and tapes.
  • Enable you to establish targets and be alerted when service levels drop below them.
  • Gather data about TSM server processes, client sessions and other sources and display it in a series of graphical and tabular reports.
  • Store information for at least 7 years to aid capacity planning and trending.